Gift For A Pregnant Woman

When buying a gift for a pregnant woman, you may feel like you’re traversing a minefield. There are so many different options out there that profess to make the pregnant mother’s life easier, it’s no wonder that you might be confused. Gifts that you know they might usually like can be impractical during pregnancy, or even unsafe. However gifts that pamper the pregnant woman are usually well received. Pregnancy pillows are one such gift.

Giving a pregnancy pillow as a gift.

There are many different types of pregnancy pillow available on the market, so how can you go ensure that the pillow you’re buying for the expectant mother is the right one for her? Below you’ll find out about your options and which is best for the mother in question.

The wedge pillow – if the mother is prone to tossing and turning in the night, the wedge pillow can be used to support her back and keep her safely on her side. It can be used under her belly to support the baby and reduce the stress and strain to hips and back, or it can be used under her regular pillow to support her head and reduce the effects of pregnancy induced acid reflux. The wedge pillow is often an inexpensive option for someone giving a gift on a budget and can be used in multiple ways to provide relief for the recipient click here.

Total body pillow – available in a ‘c’ or ‘u’ shape, these pillows are designed to provide complete support to the pregnant mother’s entire body. There are generally around 5 to 6 feet long and therefore an adequate size for most women. These pillows support both the back and front and create an all round comfort experience. They are easily the most expensive option when giving a pregnancy pillow as a gift and do not provide the option for using a separate pillow for the head, which may make them unsuitable for some women.

Full length pregnancy pillow – These pillows come in either totally straight or flexible designs and are in the middle of the market in regards to cost. These pillows provide support for the pregnant woman without reducing the options for use, meaning that they can use their normal pillow for their head should they desire, although this is not necessary as the pillow provides support for the head as well as the body. The main disadvantage is that it does not provide back support, so back sleepers may require a wedge pillow to go with it.

If you’re still not sure which option to go for, the best option you could possibly choose would be a gift card so that the pregnant woman can decide for herself. There are many websites out there that specialise in pregnancy pillows and items needed by a pregnant woman, where she can choose exactly what she needs to pamper herself with and make herself more comfortable. Above all, when purchasing a gift for a pregnant woman, remember, it’s not about what you think she wants, but what she actually needs.